musicislove210's Journal

Hello everyone. : )
You can call me Jessica... because that's my name. I'm a professional procrastinator and daydreamer. I've been in love with music all of my life, and I hope to someday make a living out of it somehow. There is pretty much no way to stop me from singing along to whatever music is playing through the speakers or in my head. I often somehow know lyrics of songs that I've never heard before. There's not many things that make me more happy than rainy days, the Holiday season, and people who care. I don't really feel like a teenager and I've always been much more maternal than most girls my age. I love kids of any age. I Love Lucy and The Cosby show, along with a ton of other older sitcoms, make me laugh more than most comedies from this decade. I'm a Christian, raised southern Baptist. I'm very emotional and naturally dramatic, but all of it is genuine. My plan is to make music, find a man that loves the things about me that I have trouble accepting and has an amazing family, marry him, and raise a couple of kids. I would describe to you the "man of my dreams", but it would just come out sounding like a description of Nick Jonas. Speaking of Nick, he and his brothers (as well as the rest of his family and a lot of other people that surround him) have done a great job of keeping my dream alive just by existing and being themselves. There are not many people that I admire as much as I do that family. I've gotten close to my cousin and made a potential life-long friend because of them... and even though Sarah lives several states away, she's one of the best friends I've ever had. The only other "celebrity" that I love as much as the Jonases is Carrie Underwood. She has been such an inspiration these past 5 years.

I'm optimistic by default and I deal with self-consciousness every day. I'm not judgemental and I love heart-to-heart conversations. I have a fascination with European architecture. My family is a little crazy and a lot amazing. My friends are a little more distant than they used to be, but it's probably for the best since we will be separated after this year. I love them like sisters and I can't imagine not having them in my life. As you can tell, I love to write. I have a great love for words. Photographing nature is one of my hobbies. I worry way too much about things that are out of my hands. I'm terrified of severe weather. Summer heat and I don't get along very well. I love a lot of things that are creative and artsy- interior design, the aforementioned photography, music, and architecture- and I have a weakness for wedding planning shows and Food Network. I still watch Disney Channel and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I have an unlikely and apparently unconditional love for Adam Lambert. I'm not sure how I ever functioned before Twitter. It keeps me sane, along with songwriting and scribbling down thoughts. My music tastes range from Sara Bareilles to Paramore to Frank Sinatra to Beyonce. I tend to love female singer-songwriters like Diane Birch, Tristan Prettyman, Sia, Kina Grannis, Missy Higgins, and Carole King, and that pop/rock sound that's infused with soul, jazz, and/or R&B (like Jason Mraz). I'm going to stop writing now because you've probably already stopped reading.

So, yeah... that's me. : )